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T1Pal connects you and the people you trust to your diabetes data. Sharing diabetes decision-making "in the moment" is difficult. Is there something I could do right now to keep my glucose in range? Should we reschedule an activity or change a treatment? How can we fix what just happened? There are so many devices, so many numbers, and no quick way to view them together. There is no way to get advice to problems as they occur! The traditional approach is to wait until an office appointment to discuss what happened in the past.

Not any more!

Introducing "T1Pal"  a new, managed Nightscout service.  It's Nightscout software without the barriers of DIY. Nightscout connects people to the support they need in the moment so that barriers for collaborative diabetes decision-making disappear.

For families, it changes those pesky "what's your number" and "how's your diabetes going?" questions into more meaningful discussions about the experiences people who depend on insulin.

The Basics -- What Is Nightscout?

Nightscout is the only real-time dashboard for diabetes information. It's software developed by the diabetes community for the diabetes community in 2014, and it's used today by tens of thousands of people around the world.

CGM and insulin pumps send data to Nightscout so that detailed information can be seen on any device at a glance. There's no installation or cables needed. Nightscout works in all browsers.

Nightscout connects to a large ecosystem of connected devices, for example voice assistants like Emmett, Google Voice, or Alexa assistants, wearable watches, lighting systems, and mobile apps.

Nightscout is Do-It-Yourself (DIY). This means securing, provisioning and deploying the resources such as MongoDB, web hosting, and software updates can be a barrier for many to enjoy Nightscout's benefits. Signing up for T1Pal creates a Nightscout site that will always be maintained and updated. Never worry about MongoDB again.

What Is T1Pal ?

T1Pal provides an always maintained and updated Nightscout site.

  • Privacy. Unlike DIY, the default T1Pal site is private. Only the account owner can view Nightscout.
  • Getting started guide explains getting glucose and insulin data into Nightscout.
  • Storage is managed, never worry about MongoDB again.
  • Unlimited Shares: Unlike most apps, there is no installation required for sharing Nightscout. Create as many secret sharing links as you like and share them with anyone you want. Revoke or delete access any time.

We make the technology behind Nightscout and manage it for you. There are some important differences between T1Pal and DIY. While most plugins are available, there are a few interacting with third party services that are on our future roadmap. See our FAQ on differences between T1Pal DIY for the full details.

Tell Me More

We built it to help people for whom the DIY thing just doesn't work well. For whatever reason.

But all of that is now available for a monthly subscription fee. Terms and conditions apply.

T1Pal is the only site that works to ensure your Nightscout site is running. A similar experience would include a $7 hobby heroku app for compute and hosting services, plus $15 shared MLab account for storage services. Unlike these companies, dollars spent on a T1Pal account go directory improving the Nightscout experience for all.

T1Pal service starts at  $11.99/month. T1Pal ensures that your Nightscout site never sleeps never runs out of space, and is always up to date. Unlike Heroku or MLab, T1Pal ensures that Nightscout continues to receive features and updates.

Fantastic Features

Here's what is included:

Easy Setup Wizard

Private and secure Nightscout

Unlimited Sharing